Outlook and Mandatory



All of our students logon to the school computer using one mandatory
profile, which is stored on a network share. I am about to rollout Outlook
2003 and I would like to continue to use the one profile.

I have used the CIW to customise my installation of office and I am using a
PRF file for my outlook configuration, everything works fine but for one
thing. Every time the user logons onto the computer outlook starts the
install process. How I can I stop this from happening so that outlook just
open with the correct user profile for the usernwho logs on to the computer


Roady [MVP]

If you apply new settings to a mandatory profile after you login, of course
these settings will be dropped when you logoff again and need to be
reapplied when logging in again. It is the whole purpose of a mandatory
Update your mandatory profile when it is no longer mandatory and then make
it mandatory again.

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