Outlook and Group Policy



If the Use Cached Exchange Mode is turned on by the user, and a new Group
Policy is set

User Configuration
Administrative Templates
Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
Tools | E-Mail Accounts
Cached Exchange Mode
Disable Cached Exchange Mode on new profiles (DISABLED)
Cached Exchange Mode (DISABLED)

Should the check box be unchecked?
I'm still having users the the box checked but it is greyed out.

Lee Baird
Computer Systems Administrator
Vanderbilt University
(e-mail address removed)


I've noticed that on new proifles, the box is checked and greyed out. On
profiles that existed before the policy push, the box is unchecked and greyed
out. The policy must be working though, I unplugged the network cable from
the back and was still able to work offline in cached mode with full


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