Outlook address book weird!


Dr. J

Anyone see this before?? --

I do NOT use Outlook. I'm AOL (I know!). Am running
Windows XP past 6(?) mos.

Yesterday I discovered that Outlook Express address book
has about 20 names and addresses saved -- 19 of which I do
not recognize! I never entered these names. Hell, I
can't recall ever even opening Outlook.

Can anyone explain how this might have happened?
**Note that I did have a new hard drive installed (Best
Buy)along with the XP after a drive crash this past
- Could it be a recycled drive which was not completely
- Could I have opened an email from the ONE person I do
know on the list -- and somehow have loaded the other
addresses un-knowingly? -- even though I do not use

Thanks for your anticipated help.

Dr. J


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