Outlook 2010 RTM x64 & Conferencing Add-in



I've uninstalled Office 2010 RC and installed Office 2010 RTM. After
installation, I went to reinstall the Conferencing Add-in and I keep getting
this message as an error, "you need 64bit outlook 2010 to use this setup."

I'm running Outlook 64bit 2010 and the conferencing add-in was already
installed prior to the upgrade. I have tried to uninstall everything,
however even with Office 2010 RTM uninstalled, I get the same error when
uninstalling the Add-in.

How can I get rid of this message and uninstall this application?

David the GREAT

I think you have the bits wrong...
I just installed the RTM version of Office 2010 64bit and then tried to
install the Conferencing Add-In (also 64bit). It gets almost all the way
through and tells me that I need to have Outlook 32bit installed to finish.

I have searched and searched and there is a 64bit version of the Add-In but
it only works with 32bit versions of Outlook.

Is there any type of time frame when the add-in will support the 64bit
version of Outlook 2010?
I have to go back to 32bit to keep it working properly for now I guess.

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