Outlook Outlook 2010 help please - anyone?

Nov 8, 2011
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Hi all

We use a hosted Outlook Exchange solution for our corporate email needs. We have arond 140 staff. I wonder if anyone can give me some assistance with the following set of needs.

Bit of background...
  • We operate in the Primary Healthcare Sector, and currently run around 35 different programs.
  • Most staff, but by no means all, work in a single program.
  • We have a management team who are involved in multiple programs, some in/on all 35
  • We pay $x per month per mailbox (email address) to the exchange hosting company
What I need to do is the following:
  • Capture a copy of every single email which is sent/received by the organisation. This is to be transparent to the users.
  • Store the traffic in "buckets", which need to be both person (sender/receiver) based, AND program based.
  • Be able to search a person's incoming mail, a person's outgoing mail, and ALL of the emails concering a particular program, regardless of who sent/received it
  • Be able to find all emails sent/received by person A for program B
  • And so on
I can't see an easy way to achieve what I want with this. Especially, an easy way to categorise an email by program, except maybe wit hdifferent sig files, with strict text string rules. I don't want to set up extra email addresses because of cost implications.

Can anyone help please?

Many thanks

Philip Langley

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