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Teodora Gancheva


I am involved in the development of a C# COM Add-in that up to now supports
Outlook 2003 and 2007. In Outlook 2007 we add custom context menu items to
the context menus that appear on right click of a mail item and an attachment.

I have recently installed Office 2010 Beta to test our add-in compatibility
and I have noticed two issues with the custom context menu items.

First, our custom items appear in the context menu of a mail item but they
appear at the last position in the context menu while in Outlook 2007 these
are programmed to appear before the "Mark as (Un)read" menu item.

Second, the custom items in the attachment context menu do not appear at all
although debugging the project I see AttachmentContextMenuDisplay execute

Can you give me any hints why existing code does not work with Outlook 2010?
Has anything changed in the object model? I also read that it's now possible
to customize context menus with xml like with the ribbon UI. Maybe MS are
dropping support for custom context menu items with command bars ...

Teodora Gancheva

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Use the new ribbon context menus if you discover you are running Outlook
2010 (major version == 14).

Teodora Gancheva

Thanks for your answer, I will try the suggested approach.

Best Regards,
Teodora Gancheva


Hi Teodora,

Can u plz give me d code of adding menu items to context menu in outlook
2008 plz.
its urgent.

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