Outlook 2007, Two (2) Contact folders, one empty and one with name



RE: Problem with Outlook 2007 Contact Folder. We just installed Office
Ultimate 2007 on two PC’s in our office. I am having a problem with one
computer. The owner of the company "deleted all his contacts" in his Outlook
2007 "contact" folder. Fortunately I had pulled a copy of his contacts into
the “public foldersâ€. I
tried loading these back into his Outlook 2007 Contact folders several
different ways, i.e. copying the folder over to his Outlook folders,
importing, etc. Each way
I do it, all the contacts go into a new contact folder now named "Contacts1
(2)". His default "Contact" folder is still empty. I tried to delete the
empty "Contact" folder but it will not allow me to do that. The system
defaults to the empty Contact folder.
How do I repair this problem? Thank you.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Not sure what you mean by "tried loading these back into his Outlook 2007 ."
Nothing you suggested would be a correct way to transfer Outlook data,
especially importing.
You would just copy the contents of the Contacts folder from the source
folder to the destination folder.

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