Outlook 2007 Signatures - Bloated



I created an html signature with a table, style tags defining the font, and
absolute paths for hyperlinked images (two images butted together on the
footer in a table column so that if you click image one you go to one url and
image two you go to a different url) using Textpad. I then put the .html file
in the Microsoft Signatures directory and edited the text from the generic
template and saved it. The images live on our web-server in a dedicated

If I send an email to myself with no signature and only a subject, Outlook
2007 says that the size of the resulting email is 9KB. If I attach my
signature, the email bloats to 22KB. When examining the resulting edited
signature file using TextPad, I find a whole bunch of Microsoft formatting
information... and I mean a whole bunch. I found that extra code is added to
my html including classes to my tags like MsoNormalTable, MsoNormal, etc.

Why is all this necessary? How can I strip this down so IT doesn't have
murderous thoughts about me when they look at the growing server storage use.
What was 30 lines of html is now over 500 lines!!!

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