Outlook 2007 RSS - Keeps Downloading Same RSS Items on Different PCs



Hi all,

I run my exchange 2003 at home using Outlook 2007 clients on a couple
of different PCs and notebooks. Outlook works fine and keeps
everything sync'd nicely across the different machine except for one
thing: RSS.

Taking my workstation and notebook as an example.

Say I check my RSS feeds within Outlook 2007 on my notebook at 9 AM.
I receive all my RSS items since the last time I checked my feeds -
say 11 PM the night before. So, in other words, I receive my RSS
feeds from the last 10 hours. I go through them and I either mark
then read or I delete the items straight away.

Now, let us say I log into my desktop PC three hours later at 12:00
noon. Instead of getting my RSS feeds from the last 3 hours (which
was when I last went through my RSS feeds on my laptop), I actually
get ALL the items from the night before, 11 PM, to noon the following

In other words, the desktop PC and notebook are simply not on the same
page as to which feeds Ive read and\or deleted. I have to go through
the same RSS items on each desktop/notebook, resulting in a huge waste
of time.

When I first subscribed to RSS feed groups, those groups automatically
showed up on the other installations of Outlook 2007 on my other
machines. Why aren't the RSS items (read, unread, deleted) not sync'd
across to the other machines? Did I miss a setting?



Do you have SP2 for Outlook 2007 installed?  It fixed a number of issues
with RSS feeds, including some duplicate post issues.

Ben M. Schorr, MVP
Roland Schorr & Towerhttp://www.rolandschorr.comhttp://www.officeforlawyers.com/outlook.html
Author: The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2007:http://tinyurl.com/ol4law-amazon

Hi Ben - thanks for responding.

No - I do not think I have SP2 installed at all.

But just to be clear, when you say SP2 for Outlook installed, do you
mean Office Service Pack 2? Or is there is a specific SP2 for Outlook



Office SP2 includes the Outlook bits too.  You should definitely install SP2
for Office 2007.  I think you'll find a LOT of improvements in it,
especially for Outlook.

Thanks Ben - downloading it now.

Thanks again.


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