Outlook Outlook 2007 problems

Apr 3, 2008
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Please can anyone help?

I have just upgraded my Microsoft Programs to Office Professional Plus 2007 and I am just about pulling my hair out with Outlook. I use Windows XP and until I upgraded I had no problems whatsoever with Outlook.

It loads up ok but I am unable to open any emails I have received (I can view them by using the preview pane), I cannot send any emails, I can't open any contact info.

As soon as I click any of the above I get an error message saying Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close etc.

I have tried reinstalling/repairing it and running the "Diagnostics" thing within in (as you can see I am not particularly techie minded) but all to no avail.

I was really, really keen to try Outlook 2007 for the contact management part but this is really driving me nuts.

Please can someone offer some advice and help before I kick the whole thing into the middle of next week.

Thank you in anticipation


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