Outlook 2007 not showing times in Calendar Items


Duane Nutley

I know there was a question about the month view not displaying times, but my
question revolves around the day or week view.

In Outlook 2003, if you started the appointment 5 minutes after the hour or
half-hour, it would display the start and end times in the
appointment/meeting. Yet all times I have tried in Outlook 2007 do nothing,
bar put a little jag in the bottom left-hand corner of the calendar item.

Any suggestions on a setting I may have missed, or has this been lost


Diane Poremsky {MVP}

Outlook no longer shows the times in the day or week view. You can see it
when you hover over it or if you use the preview pane and select the item.

Duane Nutley

That is what I expected, but thank you for confirming the answer.

Annoying when Microsoft do this.

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