Outlook 2007 MAILCONTROL Defang tagging issues - blank emails



A business contact has studied a problem they are encountering - replies to
emails sent out via outlook 2007 having no visible body text , attachments
remaining intact where sent with the reply

It appears the problem they are encountering is common to replies received
ONLY from organisations using MAILCONTROL (proprietary product) to
filter/scan incoming (and outgoing?) email traffic

The problem appears to relate to the DEFANG(?) tags created by MAILCONTROL
adversely effecting the rendering of the subsequent message text by inserting
unclosed or corrupted tags thus preventing rendering of the subsequent body
text ( this text can still be read in the source) - sig files at the bottom
of emails may still be displayed

The problematic tagging appears to have existed BEFORE they upgraded from
2003 to 2007 BUT the problem is only manifesting itself NOW with the way 2007
does not use IE to deliver the screen content and relies on the integrety of
the tags to render the message on the screen

If anyone has implemented a fix and/or experienced this issue please get in
touch - you might also alert me john-dot-bullas-at-gmail-dot-com as I am not
as able to access hotmail as gmail

Many Thanks

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