Outlook 2007 keeps asking me for my passwords again and again and


Mensch''s mom

Outlook 2007 won't remember ANY of my passwords from any type of account.
Even though I've set up my accounts, typed in my correct passwords, saved
them, applied changes, closed....

AND THEN when the popups popped up, I've typed the passwords in again and
clicked Save Password umpteen times for each account, Outlook 2007 STILL
won't save the passwords....

Therefore, as you can imagine, I'm not receiving my e-mail on my new laptop.

Instead, I have recurring popups all over my screen for each account.
Retyping my passwords and clicking Save Password repeatedly are to no avail.

I'm considering uninstalling--and defenestrating--Office 2007 altogether.

If I can extrapolate from what I think I'm *possibly* getting from bugs in
Outlook 2002 and 2003, I need to delete my Outlook profile, create a new
profile, and then edit the registry to fix it?

Anybody have any ideas here? Please?

Extra credit for one-click solutions. (Yes, I _am_ dreaming.)



Hello. I'm having a similar problem; difference is the saved password will
not clear. I've deleted the old .pst files and the password is still being
saved and will not clear.

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