Outlook 2007 Inbox Shows Recipient Name



I have Outlook 2007, a hotmail account and a live.com account. I am using
Outlook Connector which is working fine.

My hotmail inbox is fine, but I am having a problem with my live.com inbox.
The email messages display the recipient instead of the sender. If I am not
the first recipient, it shows the name of the first recipient. When I open
the email, the sender & their email address show correctly as do the

If I move the email to another folder, the foler shows the sender (as I feel
it should).

This is something that just all of a sudden changed a few days ago. It
makes it very difficult when I look through my inbox and see nothing but my
name along with the email subject line.

I have looked through all of the option settings, Arrange By options, and
have not seen anything that shows me how to set which name to show in the

Does anyone know how to change this setting?

Thank you,


Nov 23, 2007
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if its like 2003,
- position your cursor between the inbox and the preview windows, until you can drag the partition to the right and expand your inbox.

- across the top, you will see columns "from", "subject", etc

- right-click on a column header and select "field chooser"

- from the field chooser box, drag the "from" button to your column header

- from the column headers, drag the "to" button away from it, until you see a big X and release the mouse button

- drag your inbox back to normal size

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