Outlook 2007 functionality in a rest of Office 2003 environment

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Amila Chandrasekera

My company is a Novell Groupwise shop and currently running Office 2003
(wothout Outlook 2003). As part of Groupwise to Exchange 2007 migration
project, we neeed to decide just to install Outlook 2007 on the workstations
so that it will be a mixed Outlook 2007 and rest of office 2003, or to move
completely to Office 2007 (THis will need a lot of planning since we are
talking about over 15000 workstations).

Do you know what functionality you will loose by having Outlook 2007 and
rest of Office 2003 suite ?




Diane Poremsky [MVP]

you'll lose all the speck check (and grammar) features word adds - you will
have the basics. You'll lose the option to send "wordmail" - this is where
you can add an email header to a word doc or spreadsheet and send it by
email in the message body, not as attachment.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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