Outlook 2007 Exchange/IMAP Switching




My I use Outlook 2007 for my work email. When I am in the main office
connected to the corporate network, I get all mail through a
connection to the exchange server. When I operate remotley, I connect
to the mail server via an IMAP connection. We set it up so that
outlook prompts me to select either the IMAP or Exchange connection
when I open it. When operating under IMAP, I open all mail in IMAP
folders - (not by redirecting the mail to local folders on the
machine). I do this to keep the continuity of my messages by making
sure they are all on the exchange server.

This situation is causing the following issues:

1. When I flag emails for follow up under an IMAP session, it only
gives me one option - flag or no flag.
2. Flagged Categories assigned to messages from the Exchange session
are not visible (or available) in the IMAP session - although the
messages are available. This holds true for when I am in an Exchange
session - items flagged or categorized under IMAP dont translate to
3. Calendar items in the Exchange session are not availble in the IMAP
session. HOWEVER, if I get a calendar request when running under IMAP
and I accept *under IMAP" it makes it to my calendar on exchange.
4. When opened in IMAP, the Contacts folder on the exchange server
looks like a list of e-mails. The same holds true for the tasks

Does anyone have a similar situation? Can anyone offer advice? It is
difficult to be out of the office for 2 days and then have to go back
and re-flag all emails when I re-open my Inbox in outlook on the
exchange server. Not to mention the calendar and task issues....

Perhaps there is a different email client I can use?




Roady [MVP]

Single answer for all your questions; the IMAP protocol doesn't support such
a thing.

Consider connecting to the Exchange server via RPC over HTTP or VPN. Ask
your admin for more details on this and the availability for your
corporation. Otherwise there might always still be OWA access available to
you. Again; ask your admin.

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