Outlook 2007 attempts to "read" archive.pst



If I have a couple Archive folders (Archive.pst and Archive2.pst). In
Archive.pst, when I click the main Archive folder icon, the "headers" pane
shows the message, "There are no items to snow in this view."

It's Archive2.pst that's giving me problems. If I have a folder open and am
looking through the folders, everything is fine. But if I minimize the
Archive folder, the main Archive folder is automatically selected. This is
the same as selecting it directly. When either of those things happens,
Outlook goes unresponsive and pegs my HDD. Reviewing Tack Manager shows
Outlook (Not Responding) using average CPU levels but reading tons of bytes.
For the longest time I had no idea what was going on. Sometimes I force a
close or try to click the Inbox in hopes that would end it. But one day I
decided to wait it out. Finally, in the Auto-Preview pane, I got the
message, "This file can not be previewed. Try opening the file in the
program in which it was created." In the first place, Outlook is the program
in which it was created; secondly, I don't want to preview the file.

This does not lock up my computer. In fact, I'm typing this message because
I just accidentally did it again. This time it took 4 minutes, 20 seconds.

So what's going on here? Is Outlook actually going through my entire 727MB
Archive2.pst attempting to preview it?

Roady [MVP]

Scan it for errors with scanpst.exe and fix the file when needed. Then try

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