Outlook 2003/Vista 64bit - Browser dialogue from Windows (or Offic



I'm saving attachments from received Emails. (File, Save Attachments)
"Save All Attachments" Browser Dialogue box appears. Click on "Desktop" in
"My Places". I do this *ALL THE TIME*.
Now - suddenly - I get an error message:
"Microsoft Office Outlook: This Feature is Not Currently Installed. Would
you like to install it now?"
Pressing No - allows me to finally save attachments to Desktop. Pressing
Yes begins "Windows Installer". WHY?!!
What will stop this from happening again? What started it in the first place?
What I've done:
Cleared out temp file folder where attachments usually default save to.
Copied PST file to new location (ack!)
Haven't added any new add-ins.
Manually Archived, even though auto-archive is set.
Compressed personal data file.

Roady [MVP]

All those actions do not affect the issue at all. Apparently something got
damaged in your installation and the installer tries to repair it. You
should not cancel the dialog but let it allow to try and repair itself.

If that doesn't work, run the Repair function from the installation CD or
reinstall Office. No data or settings are lost in this process but make sure
you apply all updates again afterwards.


This would be great advice if I had just installed Outlook 2003. I installed
it 10 months ago on my new Vista (arrrrhhhhg) and have used it frequently
without issues - until 2 weeks ago. If something was damaged in my
installation, this error message would have shown up immediately and I would
have reinstalled, yes.

Now this same error message has migrating over to other Office programs and
every time I use "Save As" and click on "Desktop" in the "Save As" dialogue
box, I am getting "This Feature is Not Installed" error message.

Now that I think of it, I installed some updates from Windows about two
weeks ago and the issue began right afterward.

So....is this a Windows error? Or is this an Office error? How do I

Thank you for your time. Coleen

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Do you get it with any other applications? Assuming it is because of an
update, it’s either a windows problem or a combination of windows and office

Did you try detect and repair?

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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Roady [MVP]

An installation can also get corrupted long after the initial installation.
In fact, it is more likely to occur then than right after installing it.

It could indeed be that an update went wrong. At this point, a repair on the
installation or a reinstallation of Office 2003 is still your best change to
fix it.

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