Outlook 2003 Plugin not receiving resize events


Michael Fox

I have an outlook 2003 plugin that I am developing in C# using VSTO i
Visual Studio 2008, and I am having some trouble with resizing whe
using Word 2003 as the composer.

The Plugin adds an extra panel to the bottom of the compose windo
(shrinking the main compose window slightly.) The extra panel contain
a Rich text box and a few other controls.

The issue is that the extra panel is not receiving resize events fro
the compose window. I have used the NativeWindow class in C# to ge
access to the message queue in the parent window (to intercept resiz
events) but am not receiving any events. Upon closer inspection, thi
appears to be because the Word2003 composer window is in a differen
process than my extra panel. (The Panel is created by the plugi
running in Outlook, and the Word2003 compose window is an instance o
Word that runs in a separate process.) Not receiving messages fro
windows in another process is a known limitation of the NativeWindo

So my question is: Is there a way to receive the resize events from th
Word 2003 compose window? My resizing code works correctly to positio
and size my extra panel, the issue is that it is not being triggered b
resize events

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

If it could be done at all it would be by using Win32 API message hooks on
that window and intercepting all messages directed at that window. You'd
probably get better information and help in a Win32 API group or something
like that.

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