Outlook 2003: more recent update to a meeting

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Amedee Van Gasse

Outlook 2003
Exchange 2003

Alice sends a invitation to Bob for a repeating meeting.
Bob accepts the meeting invitation.
Alice changes the meeting for one instance to a new date and sends the
update to Bob.
Bob opens the new updated meeting invitation in his inbox and clicks
Bob gets the message: "Microsoft Office Outlook - You have received a
more recent update to this meeting. Responding to this request will
result in out-of-date information on your calendar. Are you sure you
want to respond to this meeting? - [Yes] [No]"

There is no evidence of another updated meeting invitation in Bob's

Extra info: just below the Accept,... buttons there is a message in
the information bar.
I asked Bob to email me a screenshot so I could see the actual
message, but he printed the screenshot, scribbled some notes on it,
placed the printout with his notes on a wooden table, made a digital
photo with his iPhone, uploaded that to his Flickr account, converted
the web page with the photo to pdf, faxed it to himself to get a paper
copy, and then sent the final result to me by snail mail. The result
is that I can hardly read it, but I think that the message is "This
request is out-of-date."

What could be the problem here?
Is it easy to fix?
Or should I just tell Alice to cancel the repeating meeting and enter
a new one?

Kind regards,


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