Outlook 2003 - Exporting Shared Contacts



I am able to view the contacts of another user on our exchange server. My
permission level on the other users contacts is Owner. Is it possible to
export his contacts to excel from my workstation or does this have to be done
from his workstation? When I view his contacts and go to export file, I can
only see my mailbox.

Karl Timmermans

Outlook import/export wizard can only be used for PST based and Exch
Primary Mailbox based contact folders. Exch Shared, Delegate and Public
contact folders are not supported.


Karl Timmermans - The Claxton Group
ContactGenie - Importer 1.3 / DataPorter 2.0 / Exporter
"Power contact importers/exporters for MS Outlook '2000/2007"

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