Outlook 2003 default calendar for meeting requests




I'm using a local PST file together with exchange server. The default
delivery location is the exchange server mailbox. I created a client-only
rule that moves all incoming messages to the Inbox of the local PST file. So
emails and meeting requests were forwarded to the local Inbox and the
meeting requests were entered into the calendar of the exchange server
This worked fine for a while, but then I had a need for a second calendar
and I created one in the local PST file. This had the consequence, that now
all meeting request are entered into the local calendar. But reminders do not
work for meetings in the local calendar, so I'd prefer that meeting request
are entered into the calendar of the exchange server mailbox.

Does anybody know why the meeting requests are not entered into the calendar
of the exchange server anymore? Any hint is appreciated.




Diane Poremsky [MVP]

You really should not be using a pst when you have an exchange mailbox. You
have two options:
1) Create an exception to the rule for the meeting request form and keep all
meeting requests in the exchange inbox.
2) Use Exchange mailbox and create rules to move specific messages to the
PST, keeping everything else in the mailbox.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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