Outlook 2002: Who Created an Appointment



I've seen that solution listed for older versions of
Outlook. I'm running Outlook 2002 and cannot find
an "Organizer" field listed under any category in Field
Chooser. The closest is "NetMeeting Organizer Email". I
tried that field just to be thorough and it contains no
data (we aren't currently using NetMeeting, so I'm not
surprised). Have you seen an "Organizer" field in
Outlook 2002? If so, do you know what I might need to do
to get it to appear as an option for me?
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If you change the |View to a Table type and then drag the Organizer field
from the Field Chooser you should be able to see who created the item. Note
the Organizer field is located under "All Appointment Fields"




Robert Crayk

Haven't got a copy of Outlook 2002 running at the moment but it is in
Outlook 2003 it is located under All Appointment Fields

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