Outlook 2002 contact issue and ActiveSync Problem


Volker Traudt

I have still problems with my Outlook 2002 SP-2 contact
list. First, I found more than 30,000 empty entries,
which I deleted manually. Now there are just a 200 or so

But when synchronizing with my Toshiba e740 using MS
ActiveSync 3.6 (was the same with 3.5), it still hangs
up, trying to sync 16,000 entries (was 32,000 before I
deleted the empty ones).

Everything else works.

I am now thinking about exporting the outlook contact
list (how is called, where is it located?) to another
file, delete the list/file and then re-import.

A) Any idea where the problem could be
B) Can I check the size or number of contacts stored in
the contact list of outlook to find out if there are
more "dead" entries (that I currently can't see and
therefore cannot manually delete)?
C) Other fixes to be applied to the contact list?
D) Would the export/delete/import scenario work? How can
it be done?

I really need help on this.
Thanks for all (hopefully a lot of) suggestions and tips.


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