Outlook 2000 Not Closing Properly


Harry Huang


I've been working on creating custom forms for Outlook and I've
noticed that after I work on and test the form, at the end of
the day when I try to close Outlook, it doesn't close properly. I
have to use the Task Manager to kill the process. I ran a little test
and just created a form based off the Message form, deleted the
Message box, added two user-defined text fields, published it in the
Organizational Forms Library, opened up the form, sent it to myself,
and opened it up and read it. Up to this point, I am able to close
Outlook without any problems. But once I reply to myself, the problem
occurs. Is there some issue with replying a form to yourself that
causes Outlook 2000 to not close properly? I tested this on Outlook
2002 and it worked fine.

Thanks for your time.


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