Outlook '07 w/ BCM



Please help me. I am trying to learn how to use BCM for my boss. Everytime I
go into BCM, I get a pop up msg saying: "BCM for Outlook could not complete
your last action or actions. Please try again later."

I have tried exiting the program and restarting, I have tried rebooting, I
have tried look on Microsoft and when I type in my error msg, it pulls up 2
more that have nothing to do with my msg. Please help me.

Bill Mack

It sounds like you might not have your database for BCM created and
configured. Go to the menu bar at the top of the window, click "Business
Contact Manager". In the dropdown menu, click "Database Tools" and then
"Create or Select a Database..."

This opens a box that allows you to either select and connect to an existing
database or to create a new database. If there is not existing database
shown, create a new one, and then try to open BCM.

If there IS an existing database, click the "connect" button and allow the
connection to complete. Try BCM again.

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