Outer Joins???



I am trying to create a query and I am getting this error: "The SQL
statement could not be executed because it contains ambiguous outer joins.
To force one of the joins to be performed first, create a separate query that
performs the first join and then include that query in your SQL statement."

This is what I'm trying to do. I have the following tables: tblEmployees
(EmployeeID, ManagerID, ClientID), tblClients (ClientID, Client Name),
tblClientGroups (ManagerID, Manger Group, ClientID). I am trying to create a
query that includes all the fields from tblEmployee. Instead of listing the
ManagerID or ClientID number I would like it to list the Client Name text and
Manger Group text.

So in my query I am using the following fields: the tblEmployees with the
EmployeeID, ManagerID and ClientID fields. Then I have the tblClients with
the Client Name field and the tblClientGroups with the Manager Group field.
That is where I get the above message. The relationships are joined on
tblEmployee.MangerID to tblClientGroups.ManagerID; tblEmployee.ClientID to
tblClient.ClientID; and tblClient.ClientID to tblClientGroups.ClientID. I
tried to follow the help directions and create separate queries to "force"
the joins, but I couldn't get it to work. Any suggestions?


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