out of office assistant bizzareness



I have had to implement some creative filtering to combat
the lastest virus using Symantec for Exchange. Now my
users get an error message from symantec when trying to
setup their out of office reply. It says that there's
something in the body of the message that's violating a
policy. I have no policy set for the message body. I did
post at Symantec, but this is so strange that I figured it
couldn't hurt trying here too.


OK, I know it's Symantec now. I just don't know where. I
get an error on the Outlook side when I click on the Out
of Office Assistant link to create one. The error
says: "Your AutoReply message could not be displayed. The
client operation failed." Does this give any hints?

Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

If you disable Symantec temporarily, does it work?
What did you set up in your AV other than attachment blocking?
Oct 30, 2008
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hello esuleiman...not sure if u will get this message....i am wondering if u are elia suleiman. if so i am hoping you will respond to this post. if u can please contact me at (e-mail address removed) ..thank you

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