OT Legitimate battery sellers?


John Doe

Admittedly, I am good at reading between the lines, but I'm impressed by
the confusion between good and bad batteries. On Amazon, it's rampant.
That's obvious because some batteries sell for outrageously low prices
with claims of superior performance. Even given Chinese dumping, many of
them are just not believable.

In other words... What's your favorite battery supplier? Or a seller on
eBay or Amazon that you trust?

Of course I want low prices, but I don't want to waste time and money
finding good batteries.


John Doe

By the way... Anybody have a "Nitecore Universal Intelligent Charger" of
any flavor? Apparently the 2015 model was upgraded to include an LCD
readout. It is inexpensive compared to my MAHA and yet it also charges the
batteries individually. Additionally, it allegedly recognizes what battery
has been inserted.


On Thu, 29 Jan 2015 19:15:26 +0000 (UTC), John Doe

LaCrosse, here, from a few years back, top model - popular in regards
to Maha. Amazon's one of the better ones for rampancy or
Chinese/Korean dumping, however that works;- even Amazon, apparently,
is in on it with their own house badged brands.

Been awhile, but haven't had any problems with a batch of AA and AAA
from Tenergy. Long-charge capacities vrs cheaper/sometimes
unpublished brands that discharge quickly (yea, I've been screwed by
an American top-notch brands' POS). Popular, then, Tenergy, although
last I looked there's some runners-up for regard.

Of course, Eneloop XXX if you want to pay it out the...and then some.
(Have a LaCrosse atomic clock/remote temp sensor from ages ago;- those
Eneloops really blew things away compared to the crap discharge times
I'd gotten off various, hm... "attempts" at good batteries.

A good charger is a good charger. Get's the job done, or will explode
lesser batteries -- pretty quick, if I want. Hey, I can always
"attempt" a ringer to the trashcan, across the room. Hole in one.
What more could you ask for?

(Almost went 9V, but instead found a guitar effect's wallywart, I
picked up alone and on a hunch, which actually turned out a noiseless
9V, now, years later, for RF generation purposes. The only noiseless
one out of half a dozen. Got lucky. Those things can cost some
serious bucks in pro-gear lineups.)

John Doe


That brand (probably Chinese) is falsifying reviews for its products.
Either the company or some clinically insane fanboy.


They are verified purchasers, but... Notice almost all of them are
either first, middle/initial, and last names. Then click on "other
reviews" and you can clearly see that they are all the same person.

"I can see for miles and miles and miles, Oh yeah... la la la"

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