OT: Alternative to qwerty



The Dvorak layout was recently brought up in this ng, I hope this
alternate isn't too far out of line.

Aset keyboard
It has been said that the most common letters were taken off the home
row of the first typewriter keyboard to slow down the typist and
prevent jamming.
On a Dvorak keyboard almost sixty percent of average text is typed from
the home keys. Transposing the letters 'etni' with 'dfjk' would put
more than 55% of text on the home keys, up from only 26% on the qwerty
layout. Thats more than twice the text typed without lifting a finger.

The change is quite pleasant and easy to learn. I hope you will pass
this on.

To put e, t, n and i back where they belong, there is a keyboard
remapping program that is free, downloads quickly and is very easy to
use. I am typing this post on a keyboard remapped to the 'etni'
transposition layout. The program is called 'Keytweak 2.11' and can be
googled up by that name. It is available from several sites, including
PC magazine and recommended by several keyboard manufacturers,
including TypeMatrix. The creator of the program is Travis Krumsick.

1) After you have loaded the program click start.
2) Click the "KeyTweak" icon and a graphic of a keyboard will appear.
3) Click the "Full Teach Mode" at the bottom of the screen.
4) A box will appear. Click "Begin Teach Mode".
5) Press the key you want to reassign, then the key you want it
reassigned to, in this case D to E.
6) Click "Remap Key#1 to Key#2"
7) The box will disappear and the scancodes of the keys will appear in
the "Pending Changes" window at the bottom right.
8) Follow the same procedure (from 3) for E to D, and the remaining
six remaps.
9) Click "Apply" and you will be asked if you want to turn off the
computer to apply the changes.
At the top there is also a clickable "Restore Defaults" to give
you back your qwerty layout.
I was able to remap in under three minutes and restore qwerty in
thirty seconds, not including the restart.

You can try out the sample lines of text below to discover that your
fingers already know where etni should go.

nineteen lean little saints settle in a nest
jkjdfddj ldaj lkffld sakjfs sdffld kj a jdsf

an alien eats an ant antenna in atlanta
aj alkdj dafs aj ajf ajfdjja kj aflajfa

elite sense entails a siesta in a satin seat
dlkfd sdjsd djfakls a skdsfa kj a safkj sdaf

a stain is seen at a linen sale
a sfakj ks sddj af a lkjdj sald

a latent latin talent tast tests in seattle
a lafdjf lafkj faldjf fasf fdsfs kj sdaffld

insane santa sails in sea salt
kjsajd sajfa sakls kj sda salf

Many thanks,
Jun 1, 2012
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In this generation, QWERTY and Dvorak are difficult to handle when you're not used to those. Mostly those tablets and smartphone users. There are alternative QWERTY keyboard that we could use... try this free app for android

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