OSX 10.3.3 cant connect to SBS 2003


Chris Vella

I have read all the posts regarding connecting OS X 10.3.3 to Windows
SBS 2003 and disbaleing the Domain Group policy that prohibits SBM
connections. I have disabled these settings in both Group Policies
and Domain Controler Group Policies. I have rebooted the server and
my PB running 10.3.3 still cant connect to any shares on the SBS
server. When i attempt to connected all I receive is an error reading
"Could not connect to the server because the name or password is not
correct". I never receive the username/password window, just this
message appears.

What am I overlooking?


Torben Toft

On your deskptop of your PB you go to the menupoint connect to server

Type SMB://(Ip adress of your server)

Then hit connect

It will then promt you for user/pass

Ad that to your keychain, so your machine remembers it.

You should then get a list of shares.

Chris Vella

What you are describing is exacty what I am doing, however I never
receive the User/Password window, is just give me the error that the
name or password is incorrect...

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