Oracle ODBC Performance issues


Vance Katseanes

Can anyone help me with my ODBC connection issues. I just
upgraded from Office 97 to Office 2000. Access 97 ran my
queries on linked Oracle tables in seconds, but 2000 will
process for 3 hours before it comes up with a result.
Since going to Access 2000, I have also upgraded to Oracle
8i. I have the ability to connect to the tables through
ODBC test very quickly, but Access will sit and spin my
hard drive for hours before giving me a linking tables
box. What could be some of the issues and how do I over
come them.



Peter Moy

I'm interested in the solution to this one. We have a user
of our Oracle data warehouse who has just upgraded(?) to
Access 2000 and is experiencing the same problems. There
is a Microsoft Knowledge Base Article (295186) which
pertains to Access 2002 and which seems to suggest an
upgrade to MDAC 2.6 SP1 will address a similar problem in
the later release of the Access product. I wonder if the
same service pack will address this Access 2000 problem.

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