Oracle error occurred, but error message could not be retrieved from Oracle


Gerard Lai

I am writing a web based application using in my
host computer. Every time i improve the application, i
will port this to my staging server. The strange thing is
that sometimes when i tried to access this application in
the staging server, it gave me this error and i cannot
retrieve data from Oracle and thus the whole program
cannot be used... Can anyone pls help. Tell me what could
be the problem. There r a lot of people porting to this
server therefore it is v difficult to know what cause the


gerard lai

Dim Conn As New OleDbConnection(Connect)
Dim mySelect As New OleDbCommand()
mySelect.Connection = Conn
Dim objwriter As System.IO.StreamWriter
mySelect.CommandText = "" 'validate user info
Conn.Open() 'this is where the error occurs.

This problem does not happen everytime, just out of the blue. Thanks for
your time.

Miha Markic


It is obvious that you have connection problems.
What does the error say?

gerard lai

It just return this error. "Oracle error occurred, but error message
could not be retrieved from Oracle."

I v tried resetting the IIS and Oracle but the problem still remains.
Then the strange thing is, after a few days the error does not occur and
my application becomes ok again. The days varies between 1 day to a

Thanks alot once again

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