option to add asterisk indicating statistical signficance in char.



it would be nice to have an option in excel to add asterisks to charts like
bar graphs to indicate statistial significance. currently i copy the graph to
powerpoint, insert text and use the graph. however, it would be cleaner to be
able to go under format data series and tell excel to insert a asterisk or
other notation above the error bars.

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Jon Peltier

You can add data labels to a chart series, or just a point. Double click on
the series, or select a single point (two single clicks) and double click,
then notice the Data Labels tab. If you want an option that's not listed
(i.e., not just the series name or the X or Y values), you can edit the data
label text. If you want to enter a whole series worth of custom text from
another range of cells on the worksheet, try one of these handy (and free)
Excel add-ins:

Rob Bovey's Chart Labeler, http://appspro.com
John Walkenbach's Chart Tools, http://j-walk.com/ss

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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