Opinions please on Maxtor Hard drives...


Piers James

...... in particular this one:-

Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 120Gb 7200rpm 8mb Cache ATA133 Hard Drive



Great drive, I only use Maxtor, tried all the rest
with massive problems, BUT everyone has opinions.
That particular one was a deal after Thanksgiving
for $79.00.


Very Quiet Fluid Bearing Motor (compared to my Western Digital and IBM
drives)...louder than average seeks (but not horrible, however this is
subjective and it doesn't bother me)....very good performance....weak
warranty (1 year) under 120GB size, otherwise 3 Yr warranty for the one you
are asking about. I own (3) 80gb DiamondMax 9's ATA's and I have no
complaints about reliability so far, but that is still to be played-out....
There was an issue with differing platter sizes being used for the same
models when the DiamondMax 9 was first introduced, but there isn't a
perceivable differance between my one 80GB with 2 platters and my two 80GB
with one platter other than the fact that the one platter design is quieter
because it has one less head during seeks.... I believe all new models
should be using the higher density platters anyway....

Good Luck

Bob Davis

I have the 160gb version of this drive as C: and a WD1000JB as D:, and both
have performed very well. The Maxtor is six months old and the WD about one
year. Some observations: The Maxtor is faster in benchmarks, quieter at
idle, but noisier seeks. None of the noise from either drive is obtrusive.
I would recommend either. Double check warranty, as some go for
three-years, some only one.

Piers James

thanks very much everybody for your views, sounds like a good drive to go
for, and thanks for the heads up on the warranty times as well.

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