Opening multiple txt files into one workbook as separate sheets



I have seen posts about opening multiple txt files from a folder and
saving each of them as a separate .xls.

Is there a macro that would open all the .txt or .dat files in the
directory that the .xls resides and put them as a new sheet in that
folders .xls?

IE. Folder1 data1.dat data2.dat Excel.xls

1.After running the macro in Excel.xls in Folder1 it has sheets
data1.dat and data2.dat

2. Then if I move Excel.xls to Folder 2 with data3.dat and data4.dat
and ran the macro again... Excel.xls would have data1.dat data2.dat
data3.dat data4.dat



That works great!

I just needed to change the txt to dat to find the .dat extension.

I believe that it doesn't work if there is a .txt file with no data,
but that won't be the case with my files.


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