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Hi all,
Maybe this is not the right area but I will try anyway.
I have a spreadsheet that contains hyperlinks to documents and pictures on
our server. The Author of the speadsheet has some strange problems that
affect only him.
When he tries to open a hyperlink that points to a JPG windows proceeds to
open a different file that is a BMP. We have deleted the link and remade it,
editted the link etc. Other links also have strange behaviours, although DOCs
alway open correctly.
If this spreadsheet is opened on another machine by a different user then
the links work correctly?
Any ideas

Dave Peterson

I would double (triple???) check those links.

But if the files are kept on a network drive, is there any chance that he maps a
different share to the same letter (doesn't explain the difference between
opening .bmp instead of .jpg, though).

How was the hyperlink created--insert|hyperlink? If yes, then make sure you
look inside the hyperlink--not just what's in the cell.

And if all else fails, you may want to try using the =hyperlink() worksheet
function. I've never had too many problems with those.

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