opening file from ftp folder



Hello. I am running Excel 2007 on a Windows XP machine. As of today, every
time I open an xls file through ftp it opens as read only. It only started
doing that today. Two things to note: 1) Except for the web hosting company
I am the only one to have access to the file. 2) Two days ago I could not
connect to my ftp site at all so the web hosting company had me change from
passive to active. Can someone guide me in the right direction to resolve
this issue?
Thanks in advance.


the ftp uses for file permissions your account (or anonomous) and the file
protections where the files ae located. Neither of these has anything to do
with your PC. Unless the files you are opening are on your PC which you have
control setting the priviledges.

I would contact your provider. It seems the files you created on the host
computer don't have any priviledge fo ryo to open them. Can you open the
files by loggin into the host and open with any other application besides
FTP. It will help the host technicians to isolate the problem.

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