Opening a PDF in Excel 2003



I have a user that insists that she was able to "open" PDf files from within
Excel 2003. She said she did this through the File... Open... command.
Now when she tries to open PDF files through Excel it brings up a text
converter screen and then opens the file as garbage.

I have searched on the net to find out if this is even possible. I know PDF
files are not associated with Excel and as such you shouldn't be able to
"open" them within Excel.

I tried to show her how to embed a PDF file into a spreadsheet, but that's
not how she says she used to do it and does not want to accept that solution.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you in advance.


Thank you for the quick reply.

Maybe I wasn't clear with my questions. I'm not looking for new ways to do
it. I'm asking if it's possible the way my user said she could do it before
and if so, how do I fix it so she can open them that way again.

Here are the steps she takes:

1: Open Excel
2: Click on File
3: Click on Open
4: Change "Files of type:" to All files
5: Browse to the PDF file
6: Click Open

This is how she wants to open PDF files. Has anyone heard of being able to
open PDF files this way?

Dave Peterson


And the real problem is that if you open a PDF file in Reader, then just copy a
range and paste into excel, things don't work as intended--well, in most cases
for me.

There are programs that are available that claim that they will make this
easier, but I've never found one that I like.

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