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How do I close ALL open windows w/ ONE click

If you can tolerate an extra click, you can right-click the group of windows
in your task bar > Close group

Otherwise you'd probably need a mini-app that with a desktop shortcut that
does what you want.

Tim Slattery

kotus said:
How do I close ALL open windows w/ ONE click

You can minimize all open windows by clicking the "Show Desktop" icon
in the quicklaunch bar. But I don't think there is a way to actually
close them all - except for shutting down the machine.

Even that won't necessarily do it. The shutdown routine sends a
message to all open programs informing them that the system is going
down. If a program has a file opened that has been changed and not
saved, it can ask the user whether he wants to save it. Usually it
gives the user three options: Yes, No, and Cancel. If the user chose
"Cancel", the program will tell the OS not to shut down.

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