Open mdf in SQL server 2005


Jose Carlos

I developed ADP 2003 and back end sql server 2000.

Now I would like to convert open the mdf file in sql server 2005 and I

I attach but appears an error: Fail to retrive data for this request.

Somebody knows what's happen? How can I open mdf created in SQL Server 2000
in sql server 2005?



Sylvain Lafontaine

First, you must detach it from SQL-Server 2000. It'a also a better idea to
have the LDF file, too. (You can open an MDF file without the LDF file but
the command to use is different.).

Now, how to do this exactly, I don't know as I never did it. You should ask
this question in the m.p.sqlserver.server newsgroup.

Norman Yuan

You detach the database from SQL Server2K, and copy both data files (*.mdf
and *.ldf) to a new location on the SQL Server2K5 computer, and then attach
the data file to SQL Server2K5. Unless there is something wrong, it should
be simple task.

However, you may have to clear up/prepare existing logins/users...

Also, if you are about to use Access2003 ADP, be aware that you cannot use
Access2003 ADP to manipulate SQL Server server objects (table, view, SPs...)
as you do with SQL Server2000, although the ADP app would most likely still
work. You would use either Sql Server Management Studio/Express or
Access2007 to manage SQL Server 2005's server side objects.

Jose Carlos

I detach in sql server 2000 and I attach in SQL server and it works.


Jose Carlos

Thanks a lot,
It works now and thanks about your suggestions.

I'm migrating to Ms access 2007, unfortunatley the ADP in this access the
format is 2003.

Do you know if in the future Microsoft will update Ms Access 2007 to works
with adp format 2007?


Jose Carlos

Norman, I open many forms and reports with my ADP linked to SQL server 2005
and I was surprised, it is faster.
Do you think with SQL Server 2005 is really faster than SQL server 2000?



Norman Yuan

ADP in Access2007 only use Acces2003 format, because ADP is dying technology
and Access2007 could be the last Access version that supports ADP and it
basically was not changed from Access2003 ADP. If you use Access2007 for
existing ADP application, that is fine, but I'd not start new development
with ADP any more.



do you have REASON to spread lies like this?

ADP is superior technology; and since 'every desktop in the world will have
WinFS 10 years from now' then ADP should deserve to win

Norman Yuan

Back to your real name, eh? I still remeber a few years ago when you ask how
to get ADP connect to SQL Server and I replied a few rounds and gave it up.

Now you became "ADP-solves-everything" guy and kept messing around in this
NG. Unfortunately, your life as "ADP-solves-everything" is dying, unless you
could buy out ADP technology from MS and keeps it alive. Sorry.

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