Open "fresh" copy of browser via javascript or anchor tag?



Not sure if this is the right place to ask this... and I realize it is
rather strange.

I have a web page with several links that each execute a ""
when clicked to open a new browser window.

The opens a .asp page with ASP code that creates a Crystal
Reports (RAS 9) object to load a report and also contains an <object> tag
that loads the Crystal Reports viewer. The ASP code was supplied by

That all works - except if you click a second link while the browser window
from a previous click is still opened. In that case, the second browser
window loads the same report as is displayed in the first browser window.
It appears that the objects are re-used and they are sharing the same IE

Example: From a page "Menu", the link "Report 1" is clicked and a new
browser window is opened and loads "Report 1" and displays it. User leaves
that window opened and clicks back into the "Menu" page and the link "Report
2" is clicked. A new browser window is opened, but instead of loading
"Report 2", it redisplays "Report 1" - due to the other window being opened.
(If I had closed the "Report 1" window, clicking "Report 2" would have
correctly loaded "Report 2".)

If I manually open another browser and click one of the links, it works as
expected - I can have multiple windows open with different reports - the
browser does not re-use the object from the already opened session.

So I suppose what I am looking for is a way to get the functionality of, but have it open an entirely new browser "session" so it does
not "see" any existing sessions and try to reuse their objects.

Rob ^_^

Give the windows a unique name (also check settings for reusing open


Thanks - tried that, but it didn't seem to make any difference.

I gave each window a unique name, and verified that the Reuse option was
unchecked. There is still only one IEXPLORE.EXE process in the task list
when I open windows.

(I know the real culprit here is the Crystal Reports viewer, but I was
hoping to work around it.)

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