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I would be very grateful for some help in automating the
opening of a form based on information contained in
another form and another table.
The layout is as follows
From the stock form I want to be able to open unconfirmed
orders that contain the out of stock product
The order contact details are in frmOrder02
The product details for the the order are in the
frmStockD1 is sql based that gives me the total stock
count and the balance after deducting the unconfirmed
The common fields between the forms are
ProductId (frmStockD1)
ProductId (SubfrmOrderD2)
The common fields between the tables are
OrderNo (tblOrderD2)
OrderNo (tblOrder02)

I think I maybe over complicating the job but I just
cannot figure out how to open the form sequence to show
the orders that can't be met

Many thanks in advance for any help


Jeff Boyce


You appear to have decided on a solution, and are asking how to accomplish

Without more information, it's a little tough to determine if the solution
you've come up with is necessary.

For example, if the reason you wish to open the other form is to see the
"...unconfirmed orders that contain the out of stock (?selected?)
product...", another approach might be to use a listbox to display those, on
your same form.

If you must open another form, take a look at Access HELP on:


syntax -- you can specify a filter/WHERE clause that could limit what is
displayed in the second form.

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