OPEN file list always defaults to "List" to change?



In any program, when I want to access a list of files to use or view from
that program, I go to FILE, then OPEN, then a window opens up with a list of
files and folders. I always change the format of the list to "Details" so I
can get an alphabetized list of the files, but the next time I do this, the
format is back to the unexplained "List" format . I'd like to know if there
is a way to change the default, globally, so that everytime I open up a file
list it will be in the preferred "Details" format. I'd also like to be able
to set (as default) the location of the files and folders that I first see
when I go FILE/OPEN. Some programs seem to do this for me, and remember
where I looked the previous time, but many don't.

Thanks for any suggestions about this...



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