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I've volunteered to maintain an organization's web site,
which was created by someone else in FrontPage. The site
exists on a remote host server. How can I copy all the
site files from the remote host to my local drive without
breaking any of the pages?



Steve Easton

If the site is on a server with FrontPage extensions installed, open the site in FrontPage by
opening FrontPage and clicking File > Open web, entering the URL of the site, ( ) entering the user name and password and then clicking File > Publish web and
"Publish" it from the server to a location on your computer's hard drive.

If on a server without extensions, you will need to FTP the site down to your machine.

Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
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MD Websunlimited

Hi Barbara,

Is the site hosted with FP Server Extensions? If so, then if you open the site on the remote with FP and publish to you HD
everything should be fine.

If the site is not hosted with FPSE then you can FTP it down then use FP to open a new web pointing to the folder that you FTPed the
site to. If the server can support the FPSE I would then request that it be added.

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