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Pat Capozzi

We have built a web app which we subjected to a stress
test after which we checked sql server Management -

Activity - Process Info and found quite a few open
connection that were taggedd "sleeping" and "awaiting

Does this mean these are "orphaned connections"? We have
meticiously closed our data table connections in the data

layer and the data readers after we finished with them in
the app.

Thanks for the help on this.


Hussein Abuthuraya[MSFT]


What you are seeing is because of "Connection pooling" that is On by default for all .NET Data Providers. As long as the process that created the pool is still alive, the pool
will remain alive. Closing a connection will not remove the physical connection, it would send it back to the pool to be available for other Connection requests.

So in a web App, the IIS process (DLLhost or Inetinfo) remain alive even after closing the App. If after calling iisrest or recycling iis, the connections remain there then there is
a problem. If they disappear then you are OK.

I hope this helps!

Hussein Abuthuraya
Microsoft Developer Support

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pat capozzi

Thanks,That helps tremendously. I reset IIS and they went away so I am
assuming that they are not orphan connections.


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