They took away our ablity to use dde!! I am trying to
connect up to rockwell's rsLinx, but I am having little to
no success. The only forms of comunications that I know
that the rsLinx supports is dde and OPC. I know dde limited
abilitys, and that OPC is suppose to be better.

The Problem comes with trying to connect with OPC.
I haven't a clue as to where to start. If I translated
the OPC web page correctly, then I would have to be a
member (costing 2000$US ouch) to get any examples? If I am
getting the rumers correctly, then OLE, and(/or) DCOM has
something to do with this form of communication. I have
also heard that you can connect to the controler directly
using OPC.(not required though)

If anybody has any suggestions as to how to go about
connecting to an OPC server (preferably without going
broke on the solution), or simply RsLinx without dde
I would realy appriciate any and all information.



Hi jamie,

You just have to register to download the files you need. You don't have to
become a paying member.




Hey thanks, but....

they dont let you touch the examples though.
Any examples out there??


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