one-way TCP/IP connectivity between Win2k computer and Win98 Computers


D H Harris

What should I look for here?

Description of our small peer-peer LAN environment:

Just added a Windows 2000 Pro computer on a legacy LAN running Win98
computers. So one Windows 2000 machine is now on the LAN. Three Windows98
machines on the LAN also . All are behind a router. All running TCP/IP

New Windows 2000 Pro is 192 .168.1.103
Router= 192. 168.1.1
Win98 machines are and .101 and .102.

All can ping router. All four computers can get to the Internet.

The Windows 2000 machine can ping the router or the Win98 machines no

The Windows 2000 machine shows in the Network Neighborhood of the Windows 98
machines. So NetBIOS seems OK


None of the WIN98 machines can ping the Win2k machine either by name or IP

The Win98 machines need to connect to the resources on the Windows 2000 Pro
machine but get a dialog box authentication which they cannot get past.

Thanks for any ideas to whomever has seen a similar situation. What should
we look for here?


Dallas, Tx


Rob Elder, MVP-Networking

If the PC appears in Network Neighborhood, you should be able to PING by IP
at least.

To access resources on the 2K box from 98, you need to log on the 98
computer with an account that exists on the 2K server. OR provide a valid
account at the authenication dialog box.

D H Harris

Let me add this for clarity.

To troubleshoot we connected a Windows 2000 Pro laptop to the router and
DHCP gave it an IP address within the subnet.

Result: no problem at all connecting to the Windows 2000 Pro machine on the
LAN. But the Win98 machines could not ping or connect to this new Windows
2000 Pro laptop either. The same problems of connectivity came up as with
the Windows 2000 Pro machine on the LAN.

So this looks like a Win98 issue and not a TCP/IP issue directly or a
Windows 2000 Pro issue.. Maybe there's a KB article on this somewhere.

BTW, all machines on the LAN have all critical updates.

Dallas, TX

Colin Nash [MVP]

If the 98 clients are getting an authentication box when connecting to the
2000 machine, then the connection is in fact taking place.

If you have properly set up matching accounts with matching passwords and
its still not working, it's possible that the 2000 machine is not allowing
LanManager authentication.

It's best to set the 98 machines to use the newer NTLM2 authentication....;en-us;Q239869 -- just a

I'm not sure why the pings aren't going through. Is there a firewall on the
2000 machines?

I know what you are trying to say in the topic, but "one-way TCP/IP
connectivity" is impossible based on the way the protocol works.


Hi from a small Island,
I run a 7 win98 PC simple network, with a w2k (N.º 8

Here's the solution I found for my similar problem.
Added NetBUIE protocol to all win98 and also to w2
created a user account for each of the win98 machines (set the profiles etc...
then created a comom network group for all PC including the w2k none with "domain
everything works fine here... router does the work on ip's switch makes them work..

PS: you may also want to go to all win 98 and add their own network names to the DNS sufixx field on the tcpip advanced settin

hope it halps a bit..

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