One user - one session?


Val S.


I'm looking for a way to make my w2k server sessions "roaming". I want to be
able to login at the server machine, then lock it and go to another machine
and use terminal services ("remote desktop", whatever) to continue my
session on the server.
So far I installed Terminal Services on the server in the remote
administration mode. But if I login on this server and, say, start an app
and then connect to the server remotely - it starts new a session, and I
cannot see the app running.
Is there any way to make remote sessions to be one per user? Just like it is
in Win XP Pro?


Cláudio Rodrigues

Open your session to the TS from machine A. DISCONNECT your session (do NOT
LEAVE IT OPENED). Go to machine B. Connect to the TS and you should get the
same session back.

Cláudio Rodrigues

Microsoft MVP
Windows Technologies - Terminal Services

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