One to many in the report and subreport


Frank Situmorang


I have a problem to make my report that will be distributed to each

When I open my query it already shows like this
Adrs id household Address members (from diff table)
1 Mr. A Kingston Mr. A ( husband)
1 Mr. A. Kingston Mrs. B ( wife
1 Mr. A Kingston Miss C ( daughter)

I want to make a Report to show up like this:
Main report
Addres ID
Mr. A

Mr. A
Miss A

I already have the child mand master linked field, but it does not work like
what I want

What happened is on Idrress ID in the top and in the middle the name of
other members which does not belong to this address id is also put in the
same page.

I appreciate if anyone can help me on so that I can finish my church
memership database

Thanks in advance,




You probably have the report set up as tabular instead of columner. First go
to Files/page setup and make sure you only have one column (under the columns
tab.) Then go to Default View in the form properties and make sure it is set
to single form. If worse comes to worse, recreate the report as columner.



Frank Situmorang

Thanks very much Golfinray for your idea, I have change the letter size of
the subreport the same size of the main report and about the column it is ok,
this tab shows only 1 column. Now the records in the subreport shows members
of the same family

But my problem now, why it keep repeating the same records in the same page.

For exmaple in the subreport it shows
Mr. A (husband)
Mrs. B (wife)
then it repeats below in the same page
Mr. A
Mrs. B

then the Closing sentence as a page footer.

Can you help how can we make an event procedure that if the records does not
fit in one page, it goes to the next page and the closing sentence is in the
nextpage page footer.

Thanks in advance

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